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Nutrimetics Nutri Rich

Nutri Rich

Nutri-Rich Oil - The essence of beauty

Nutrimetics skincare and make-up reflect Nature's capacity to nurture and care for the skin.

Inspired by the story of a remote Himalayan community who used the oil from apricot kernels to protect their skin from the harsh mountain environment, the founder of Nutrimetics created Nutri Rich Oil This iconic product remains at the heart of todays product range. With its powerful regenerative properties, due to its abundance of Vitamin A, it is proven to deliver anti-ageing benefits. These properties have been coveted by millions of people for thousands of years. Apricot Kernel Oil delivers the nurturing and protection skin needs to keep it soft, supple and radiant in today’s world.

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Nutrimetics Heritage

Classic Care for a Lifetime of Beautiful Skin

A perfect maintainence range creating the perfect balance between nurturing and treating the skin. The Heritage range is enriched with Apricot Kernel Oil and powered by an additional 50 botanical extracts that are proven to cleanse, clarify, nourish and protect whilst preserving the delicate balance essential for a lifetime of beautiful skin.

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Nutrimetics Restore


Rewind the visible signs of ageing

Restore is developed by Nutrimetics Beauty Lab for people concerned with the signs of ageing – wrinkles, pigmentation and dullness. The key active complex is Sauvignon Blanc Concentrate which is made up of three ingredients: Grape Seed Extract – Rich in antioxidants to protect the skin from premature ageing. Vitamin C Concentrate – Proven to boost collagen production and reduce the formation of melanin. Peptides – Enhance the skin’s firmness, so the complexion looks smoother and more supple.

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Nutrimetics Comfort

Nurture your skin with confidence

Developed with an expert understanding of the complexities of sensitive and delicate skin. Comfort underwent extensive clinical testing at a leading UK hospital. Trialled by 50 volunteers prone to sensitive skin sensitivities, Comfort was proven to be compatible with highly sensitive skin in 98% of cases, confirming that Comfort is the ideal choice for sensitive and delicate skin.

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Nutrimetics Clear


A Clear skin future, at any age

An innovation from the Nutrimetics Beauty Lab. Clear is formulated with Mineralized Zinc to deliver high-performance solutions for problem skin. Blemish-prone skin is not exclusive to teenagers so it’s important that skincare is gentle enough to be used at any age, without stripping the skin or interrupting its natural moisture balance, which is essential for clear, bright, beautiful skin.

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Nutrimetics Ete Cremes

Eye Crémes

The skin around the eye area is extremely delicate, prone to dehydration and premature ageing and needs special treatment.

Nutri-Eyes is an ideal starter eye creme maintaining moisture levels and nourishing the eye area. Comfort Nourishing eye creme soothes and calms irritation and intensively hydrates the eye area. Ideal for sensitive eyes. Restore Anti-Ageing Firming eye creme nourishes, hydrates and firms the eye area. Opthamologically tested.

Tight, Firm, and Fill eye serum. An innovation in wrinkle repair, clinically proven to tighten, firm and fill in lines around the eyes use on its own or under one of the eye cremes above for maximum results.

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Nutrimetics Ultra Care

Ultra Care

Never let your skin show the years

Firmness and smoothness are the hallmarks of youthful-looking skin; with this in mind, the Nutrimetics Beauty Lab brings you ground-breaking formulations specifically created to deliver an optimal firming and smoothing action to the skin. Ultra Care+ products are the ideal complement to any skincare routine and deliver impressive results with a minimum of effort.

Serums deliver added nutrients deeper into the layers of your skin where a regular moisturiser, with larger molecules, is not able to reach. There are many types of serums, anti-aging serums, skin brightening , firming serums, retinol anti–wrinkle and more. Choose one specifically targeted to your skin concerns.

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Nutrimetics Sun Care

Sun Care

Maximum protection specially formulated. Cooling and revitalising sun-exposed skin.

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